Sapphire Jewelry
From a range in blue, including Ceylons, through pinks and yellows and combinations of all colors of sapphires, we offer pieces with a unique flair good for daily wear.

Sapphire Rings
Sapphire Ring GMC04 - $6,950.00  AF109 - $1,750.00    .75ct Blue Sapphire/.28ct Diamond 14K White Gold  614Sapphire - $1295.00    .50ct Blue Sapphire/.50ct Diamond 18K Yellow Gold  AH346 - $1,985.00    3.25ct Blue Sapphire 14K Yellow Gold

SN43 - $4,950.00    1.87ct Blue Sapphire/.23ct Diamond 18K White Gold  AF12 - $895.00    .30ct Blue Sapphire/.14ct Diamond 14K White Gold  SN29 - $6,800.00    3.78ct Ceylon Sapphire/.17ct Diamond 18K White Gold

JEM192 - $895.00    2.45ct Yellow Sapphire/.08ct Diamond 14K White Gold  FRD12 - $2,650.00    .4ct Yellow Sapphire 14K White Gold

FRD11 - $2,650.00    .4ct Pink Sapphire 14K Yellow Gold

BH04 - $3,650.00    .86ct Pink Sapphire/.75ct Diamond 18K Rose & White Gold Ring/Pendant Convertible  GI65 - $4,750.00    2.35ct Pink Sapphire/.30ct Diamond 18K White Gold

DR284 - $995.00    .78ct Mixed Sapphire/.03 Diamond 18K Yellow Gold  GI101 - $2,895.00    1.35ct Mixed Sapphire / .45ct Diamond  14K White Gold

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Sapphire Earrings
AF132 - $1,575.00    1.2ct Sapphire / .33ct Diamond  14K White Gold  39Sapphire - $6,750.00    3.50ct Sapphire / .82ct Diamond  14K White Gold  AF22 - $895.00    1.20ct Sapphire /.06ct Diamond  14K Yellow Gold  AF96 - $695.00    .58ct Sapphire /.07ct Diamond  14K Yellow Gold

Sapphire Pendants
616Sapphire - $1250.00     14K Yellow Gold .45ct Sapphire / .40ct Diamond Pendant  JEM242 - $27,500.00     18K Yellow Gold 4.07ct Sapphire / 8.50ct Diamond Necklace

621Sapphire - $795.00     14K .59ct Sapphire /.17ct Diamond Pendant  BA51 - $595.00     14K .39ct Sapphire/.02ct Diamond Pendant

GI102 - $2,250.00    14KW 1.1ct Sapphire / .24ct Diamond Pendant

Sapphire Bracelets
DR216 - $5,40.00     14KW Mixed Color Sapphire (5.62ct) Bracelet

Sapphire627 - $5,500.00     14KY Blue Sapphire (11.ct) and Diamond (.90ct) Bracelet

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